Local Brotherhood

Local veterans bear the flag for a funeral service at the Sarasota National Cemetery

Local Action

Local veterans show up to support and volunteer with the 12th Judicial Circuit Court’s Veterans Court

Local Collaboration

Members of SRQ Vets participated in the inaugural class of Veterans Filmmaking Academy, a partnership between Project Rebirth and Sarasota Film Festival, to create “Returning.”

Local Pride

Sarasota County Fire Department hoisted the flag for the 2016 Sarasota National Cemetery wreath laying ceremony. Thousands of proud locals showed up to support the effort. A beautiful day!

Local Friendships

Local vets take part in a ruck together. Vets get together for meetings, outings and events to form a local community of friends. SRQ Vets hosts an Annual Memorial Day Hike. See our events for details.

Local Aid

SRQ Vets volunteers showed up to assist at the 2017 Veterans Stand Down Court, helping other vets out of homelessness.